Friday, January 22, 2010

Yay!!! The WPA are BACK!

Conan just went off the air :(  What ever shall I do?  I guess I will just have to go to bed with out joy and laughter :(
As I am sure it is no surprise to anyone, I gained 1.6#'s this week :(  But what kind of shock is that?  I went over my total points budget by 53 points!  I ate every daily points, every WPA and ALL of the 48 activity points I earned PLUS 53 more.  The only miracle that happened this week was that I still tracked it all.  Oh, I also ran my first post injury 9:24 minute mile :)   I also got a bit of an explanation of why I was eating like a wild LUNATIC this past week (girl stuff ;).  Here is to a better this week.  Today was actually quite good for a Friday.  I only ate 5 of my WPA!  ROCK STAR!
I'd better get to bed.  If I stay up too late, I have a hard time getting to sleep!
Friday, January 22, 2010
2  item(s) crepes 4
1  serving(s) String cheese, Light Friggo 1
Subtotal 5
1/2 cup(s) refried beans 3
1  item(s) cooked chicken fillet 3
1/4 cup(s) guacamole 2
1  slice(s) cheddar or colby cheese 3
12  item(s) tortilla chips 3
2  cup(s) lettuce 0
Subtotal 14
1  item(s) cooked chicken fillet 3
1/2 cup(s) mashed potatoes 2
Subtotal 5
1  cup(s) Slow Churned Light Cookie Dough Ice Cream 6
Subtotal 6
Food POINTS values total used 30
Food POINTS values remaining 0
44 min Running
25 min yoga 1
Activity POINTS values earned 7
Check off these important items daily:
Milk & Milk Products
Fruit & Vegetables
Healthy Oil
Lean Protein
Whole Grains

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