Sunday, January 17, 2010

Momentum 2010 Challenge Week #3

I hope everyone is well tonight :) How is the Momentum 2010 Challenge Week #2 going? Are you finding more ways to get those MAGIC Filling Foods in? Those beloved Green Diamond foods are truly our best friends. They not only fill us up, but they are SO good for us. My friends as I joke that we are Nutritiously Virtuous when we eat plenty of them. How is it going? How are you feeling? I can't wait to hear all about it this week in the meetings.
Oh, and speaking of this weeks meeting, are you ready for the Momentum 2010 Challenge week #3??? I am sure that you are :) I am just SO excited that we are all working on these great goals together!!! Be sure to come in for the new challenge and your Weight Watchers Weekly. I'd love to hear how this new weekly material is making a difference for you!


Alice said...

Marion-I loved the post about the big point day you had a few days ago. Knowing that things like this happen even to pros of the program helps me to realize that I won't always be perfect and that is okay and normal and even good sometimes(really sometimes you NEED that burger and fries, right?).
Thanks for the fun and humorous posts,
P.S. Sometimes I find myself on your page for a long time because I get hooked on the music. Great taste! :)
Also, I was inspired to start my own blog...feel free to check it out:

Marion said...

Hi Alice!
I am so glad that you are finding the blog helpful :) My biggest break through was when I realized that a really bad day (or a few) doesn't mean the end, just a bad day. it's what we do next that really counts. Do we lay down and quit, NO, we dust ourselves off, learn from the mistakes and then have a better day :)
I'm glad that you like the music. It is such a strange collection that I'm never sure if anyone but me likes it :)
I am off to check out your blog!

Anonymous said...

I was sad I couldn't stay for the meeting today because my kids were waiting in the car for me. I'm looking forward to next Monday's meeting. For me, the meetings are so helpful. I'm determined to have a great week and see some loss on the scale. I'll be "moving" more this week!.


Marion said...

I saw you in the back. Bummer you had to miss the meeting, but those sweet kiddo's are #1 :) Keep up the good work! Have fun with the kids today :)