Sunday, January 24, 2010

“Frogs have it easy; they can eat what bugs them.”

I hope that this email finds y'all well :)  It is bright an sunny here at the moment, I think I will enjoy it while it lasts!
How is the Momentum 2010 Challenge going for everyone?  I mistakenly numbered last week as #4.  I am not sure what I was thinking?  I am sorry for any confusion that may have caused :(  We are actually on week four this week.  I left you a clue in the subject line of this email.  Come on in to your meeting this week to get all of the details :)  You don't want to miss the chance to develop this key skill!
So how has this past week gone?  Are you feeling more fit?  Are you seeing more clearly the reasons for being fit in your own life?  I know that we all want to look great, and activity will help with this, but we all want to FEEL great too!  There is nothing that can aid our well being like being active!  I can't wait to hear all of the things you did this week to increase your activity!

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