Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, GEEZE Louise!

There are far too many times that my eating brings me to the brink of cursing.  Today is one of those days.  BUT, like we said in the meeting, AND yesterday on my blog, "Tracking is a record of what we eat... NOT when we are perfect."  Well, today I am not perfect.  Apparently, my WPA renewed this morning and it was burning a hole in my tracker, so I ate them.  I do have 9 left.  4.2#'s of the major holiday damage is gone since last weeks HORRID weigh-in, so hopefully the rest is going away too.  Last week I ate all of my WPA, I earned 52 activity points and ate all but 32 of them.  This year, my goal is to NEVER go over my total points budget, that means to not eat beyond my WPA and my activity points as well.  This will mean that I must track no matter what.  My goal this week, and until I am comfortably under my goal weight, is to not exceed my WPA into my activity points.  OH, for those of you not used to reading my blog and not used to seeing SO many activity points, please do not be alarmed or worry that you are not doing enough or that I am nuts! (how is that for a LONG sentence?)  Anyway, I have been working up to this level of activity for a LONG time and am quite used to it.  Many people will never earn this many activity points, but as I have chosen running as one of my FAVORITE things ever, it earns a LOT of activity points.  Plus I am tall and weigh a LOT, so I earn more activity points by just being alive :)  There are a few advantages to being an AMAZON!!! ;D  It's almost as good as being a boy.
Anyway, I am going to go put on a good movie, get on the treadmill and then stretch my poor cantankerous hips and legs.  Happy weekend!
Oh, the stupid things that I did today: (22 points worth)
#1 Charleston Chew
#2 Fig newton
#3 pizza crust
#4 the WHOLE sandwich, it was HUGE!!  Half of the sandwich and a salad would have been PLENTY.  The bread was GIGANTIC!
#5 the sugar cookies.  They were boring, shortening-ie and I could taste the red in the frosting.  I should have stopped after one bit, but alas, I did not and would probably eat another if there was one.  I think I have a form of turrets, except instead of outbursts of cursing (which my husband would argue I have as well) I just uncontrollably shove food in my mouth.  I need to look up the name for that disorder. 
Oh, I almost left off the best part, as I was tracking the sandwich, I was eating as fast as I could so I could have as much of it eaten before I knew the points.  How sad is that?  I have never done that one before.
There is one good thing about the blog, when I am in the meeting and I tell you I know what you are going through, you know it's true.  I do feel bad for those who want a leader who is perfect :(  The really great thing is that my own life makes it abundantly clear that it is possible to really turf it, far more often than I should, and still be able to keep going.  I think that is my favorite thing about Weight Watchers, perfection is not required, only the desire and ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself off (or brush teeth ;) and keep plugging along.  I do have to say that I LOVE my WPA, truly, I do.  How 'bout you?
WOULD YOU GUYS LEAVE SOME COMMENTS!?!?!?!  It's my new years goal to actually hear from you readers... or are you so stunned by what I say that you cannot type? ;D  Hey, Tammy, all you have to do to post a comment is just click, "Post a Comment" :)  Common, you know you want to.  I know there are a few hundred of you a month that look at this, I get a report, please let me know who you are, pretty please, I feel stocked, semi-violated :D just kidding, I just want to know what you think.
xoxoxxo  Have a fun Friday!
Friday, January 08, 2010
1  cup(s) 1% low-fat milk 2
1  packet(s) Smoothie Drink Mix White Chocolate Peppermint Smoothie 1
1  serving(s) Charleston, small 2
1  item(s) Fig Newtons 1
Subtotal 6
2  item(s) chicken enchiladas 9
1/2 cup(s) refried beans 3
1/2 cup(s) spanish rice 2.5
12  item(s) tortilla chips 3
pizza crusts blt's
Subtotal 20.5
59  gm turkey breast lunch meat (3 1/2-inch square) 1.5
110  gm rye bread 5
73  gm beef pastrami 7
Subtotal 13.5
4  Tbsp store-bought frosting 6.5
2  item(s) sugar cookie(s), commercially prepared 3.5
Subtotal 10
Food POINTS values total used 50
Food POINTS values remaining 0
65 min stretching 3
59 min bicycling, moderate 3
36 min Running 5
Activity POINTS values earned 11
Check off these important items daily:
Milk & Milk Products
Fruit & Vegetables
Healthy Oil
Lean Protein
Whole Grains

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Blondie said...

I have the same disease you do! Curse or shove more food in my mouth! Let me know if you find a cure for it. haha
Don't change a thing! I love your blogs and the fact that you are a real person. I love your honesty in class and on your blog.
(One of your many "stalkers")

Marion said...

Thanks Deone! Yippee to have named "stalkers" ;D It helps me a ton to get my craziness out!

shawna McKee said...

Ok , Marion I love you blog and chexk it daily I even come here just to listen to your playlist... but I love the fact that you go through what we do and have thhe save cravings and eating distasters... so I have a questrion about my activity points... I get to eat them?

Anonymous said...

Ok! Ok! I will leave a comment. During the Holidays while I was laying on my fat butt, eating everything in sight, watching Dog the Bounty Hunter, (if you tell anyone that last part I will have to kill you) Beth (Dog's Wife) I am so sad, anyway, she made a comment that has stuck with me the last few days. She said, "With ever setback, there is a comeback". So this is our comeback. Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

That would be every setback. Not only do I need to get a life I need to learn to type.

Marion said...

Hi Shawna! I am going to post about eating activity points, just for you :)
Tammy, is that you???? I LOVE that quote! It should be our new motto. So what's the Motto with you? hehehehehehehehe
PS- I love they way y'all type. I typo my entries to death.
PPS- and watch the "f" word (fat). You do not have a "f" butt. Your bum is CUTE!

Katrina Navarro said...

I had a rough Friday too; emotional eating from the rough week of starting back to work and college, and the realities of single parenthood. I'm glad it was only one day. I'm motivated today because I tried on a pair of pants that I could barely squeeze into last month, and now they fit. Yipee! Can't wait for Mondays meeting. You're an enthusiastic, motivating leader. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

Marion said...

Yay Katrina!!! jeans that fit is AWESOME!!! (I'm sorry your Friday was a is such a beast some times :p) HANG TOUGH!!!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You exercised for almost THREE HOURS? Holy Moley. I exercised for 20 minutes and that was because I couldn't stand it and left home and ran away to a friend's house--who wasn't home--so I had to come back. I hope you are going to address this lazy addiction--no exercise--of mine.

By the way, I'm one of your newbies. And because we were so impressed with your blog we started our own. Not nearly as clever or good or organized, "Loosing it--if not the weight, then our minds." Another one of your newbies is co-authoring it.

See you Monday at 9:00!

Marion said...

Lynne- How fun to start a blog :) I'll have to check it out!
As for exercise, you must start where you are and go from there :) This day, I went for a ride with a friend at noon. Ran for myself at 3 and then did yoga while we watched a movie. As you work yourself up, you might be surprised to find yourself an exercise addict like myself. I really love it now! ....almost as much as eating. See you at 9:02 tomorrow! ;)