Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Report

Well, since my horrific holiday high, as of this morning, I have lost 8.2 pounds :)  This week I lost 2.2 :)  I ate all of my daily points, plus ALL of my 35 weekly points allowance.  I earned 53 activity points and ate all but 19 of them :)  I am pretty darn happy about all of this. I was hoping to leave 30-35 of the activity points uneaten, but I was STARVED a few days and felt the food was better consumed.   I am hoping to be back to my"normal" weight by February 1st, so I can resume my goal to 100#'s lost.  As of this morning, my WPA has renewed, HAPPY glorious DAY!  I will use some of them tonight at my friends home.   I seem to use my WPA over the weekend, very consistently.  It would be a real coup for me if I could only use 10 of my WPA a day during the weekend, leaving 5 for the rest of the week, plus a few activity points.  We shall see....  I am just really glad to not have exceeded my over all points budget and to have tracked pretty darn perfectly :) 
Have a GREAT weekend!  I am going to finish some chores around the house and then read, read, read!

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Marion on the weight loss! I also love when I have lots of AP points for the weekend. Unfortunately, mine are minimal this weekend, but I should be OK.

shawna McKee said...

good for you... Inever really figure in the extra 35 points and try to stick to my 28 a day. I do prety good, but I have a cold so today was a mess. good thing I have those 35 points.