Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meat attack AGAIN!!

Ok- I am out of my multi-vitamin and I am guessing that the iron is lacking and that is why I am CRAVING meat!  I just HAD to eat the london broil when I got home from work tonight, which is not bad, but the HUGE piece of garlic bread could have been skipped :(  Oh well, such is life :D  I worked pretty much all day so I had to have dinner away from home.  I went to Sunflower Market for their yummy brown rice spicy tuna rolls.  I wolfed them down and shopped a bit.  I was still STARVING, so I headed over to Red Mango for a medium Tangomonium with fresh strawberries.  YUMMY!  Shopped some more and was STILL STARVING!!  So I talked with my friend and she told me to GET A GRIP and step away from In-n-OUT!  She suggested that I might be thirsty.  Well, I headed down to Maceys to get some water and there was SONIC!  I stopped in for TWO Route 44 diet cherry lime diet cokes.  Yes, I totally pretended that one was for a "friend" and went to work.  I drank one straight way and finished the other by the end of our shift.  Of course I ate the cherries in both as soon as I was in the door.  Aside from the fact that I had to go pee about 5 times in 3 hours, I made it home in one piece and completely famished.  I shoved in the bread while I cooked my MEAT!  It's a good thing I like my beef VERY rare.  I started to eat it and it was still cold in the middle, so I did the only thing a reasonable starving person could do, cut it up, pan sear it quickly and EAT before death could happen :)  I am feeling much better now.  I  did go over my points by 3.5, which could have been avoided by eating a smaller piece of bread or skipping the morning handful of Chex Mix.  Yes, I did succumb to the chex.  I am going to have my hubby go toss it in his car or the trash.  At this point, I fear what might happen if I am left alone with it.
Well, I am off to watch the tube with my hubby for a while before bed :)  I am POOPED!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010
1  cup(s) 1% low-fat milk 2
1  packet(s) Smoothie Drink Mix Creamy Chocolate 1
Subtotal 3
1  tsp olive oil 1
1  item(s) egg white(s) 0
1  item(s) egg 2
1  serving(s) Whole Wheat Tortilla, Healthy Harvest 0
1/2 cup(s) Cheddar snack mixes 2
Subtotal 5
8  piece(s) spicy tuna roll, brown rice
2  serving(s) Frozen Yogurt, Red Mango Tangomonium 3.5
1/2 cup(s) strawberries 0
2 Route 44 Diet Cherry Lime Cokes SONIC BABY!
Subtotal 8.5
4 1/2 oz lean sirloin beef 6
1  slice(s) garlic bread 5
Subtotal 11
Food POINTS values total used 27.5
Food POINTS values remaining 0
46 min Running
15 min stretching 1
Activity POINTS values earned 8
Check off these important items daily:
Milk & Milk Products
Fruit & Vegetables
Healthy Oil
Lean Protein
Whole Grains

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