Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Comments on yesterdays eats :)

So, a few things, #1, I forgot to add my potatoes in for breakfast, so I did go over my daily PPV's by 2 :(  I was feeling so good about being on target.  Just brush it off and move on :)  Secondly, the "anytime" listing on my tracker yesterday was one hour of a total feeding frenzy.  I was STARVED!  I literally was searching for anything to eat that would have little or no PPV's and fill me up.  The carrots finally did it.  I don't think this was an emotional eating thing.  I was so hungry that the carrots tasted good to me :)  When it came time for dinner, I was calm and able to be satisfied by the meal.  I ended up making my frozen-peach-banana-buttermilk ice cream to eat while we watched "The Social Network."  I really liked this movie.  The twin rowers CRACKED us up.  Very interesting movie.
Here's hoping for more of the same success today :)
Oh, a note about running.  I have been able to run outside twice now.  It is really hard because I have gotten so out of shape.  It will come back with time.  My injuries seem to be healing well.  I am going to the doc this week to take care of a few whiny problem areas.  Here's to a fantastic day for us all!! 

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