Saturday, January 22, 2011

DONT EAT!!! dont eat dont eat dont eat....

Some times it's a choice between a bit of emotional eating and losing it with one of the chillins...... things to do instead of eating; eat an apple, read a book, do yoga, go get a soda, listen to the AWESOME music on my blog, call hubby, call mom, call sil, text friend, go run, wait I can't run cause of STUPID lingering injuries, EAT, no, start another book, crochet, do laundry, blog about how STUPID it is to eat out of frustration, ah, that seems to be the ticket ;)  I am SO glad there is no chocolate in the house.
Oh, I went to my meeting this morning.  Can I just say how much I love Tami!   Chrisann and I are going to make each other go every week to get to our goals.  We are similar in age, height and weight with the EXACT same goal weight.  I have always wanted a weight loss buddie :)  We are going to rock the world and kick some SERIOUS booty.  I am not sure who's bums we are going to kick, but it is going to be vicious!  Oh, and for the record, Chrisann is a bit taller and younger than I am, so I shouldn't include her in my OLD lady club ;)  No, I really don't think 41 is "old" but if your not quite there yet, offence might be taken and I don't want to go and tick off my pal ;)

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