Saturday, January 8, 2011

What I LOVE about the PointsPlus Program....

#1  --- I LOVE all of the "grams" listed by every food in e-tools!  This is SO useful to determine HOW many PPV my brownie actually has.  It says 6 PPV for 1- 50g brownie, so when mine is 22 grams, I can figure it out.  Very nice!  VERY handy!
#2 ---- NOT measuring and weighing my fruit and veggies anymore!!!!!  It is just PLAIN genius to have them be a ZERO ppv.  Eating fruit is one of the VERY best choices a person could EVER make.  Just think of all of the colors and the vitamins they represent????  Seriously, we used to chose a Hostess Chocolate mini cupcake trio over a banana??? ....because the banana had double the point value??? That is just NUTS!  It's kinda like when we caught on that the world was actually ROUND!   How many people held on to that fantasy for a while?  I am SO happy that Weight Watchers made the bold and RESPONSIBLE move to updating the program and GIVE US OUR FRUIT! ;)  Weight Watchers is the leader in weight loss for one reason and one reason only, Weight Watchers is ALWAYS looking out for it's members and ALWAYS giving them the most current science and best possible information to make a healthier you.  Sorry, that just sounded like a commercial 
#3 --- maybe tomorrow, that's all I've got for the moment ;)

JUST KIDDING - How is the tracking going???  Are you writing it ALL down?  Tracking is the only way to know your very own magic secret numbers for success.  We have got this AMAZING template from WW for how we should eat, but within that, we can make the PointsPlus Plan our own!  I like to have more points for breakfast.  I feel better if I limit my refined carbs.  What works for you???  Find out today, buy tracking EVERYTHING!  It is the golden key to the UNIVERSE! ;) 

Have a GREAT weekend!

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Alice said...

Nice new background. I like this post too. The PointsPlus program rocks. I am going to do much better in the next week at tracking. It is good to be back in a routine again!!