Thursday, January 20, 2011

It has to be a sign from God... right???

So her is my question, if I walk into my home at 8:30 pm and find cinnamon rolls on my kitchen counter, I'm supposed to eat them, right?  Here's the deal, there are 7 people who live in my home.  If a sweet neighbor brings over a plate of warm gooey cinnamon rolls and two survive after sitting amongst the troops for 3 hours, then it is a sign from God and I am meant to eat them, right?  If after I finish eating them and wander into my room in a carb induced state of bliss and see two "fun size" (we'll discuss the ridiculous name 'fun size' in a minute) Snickers laying on my pillow, what choice do I have?  Another sign, right???  I HAVE to eat them, right?
Now you can see what my problem is.  I am TOTALLY BONKERS!  I really think like this.  In the past I have just tossed the stuff in the trash and everyone gets mad at me because they wanted to eat it later; but here's the deal, it's not like they were ever going to get it anyway.  The food was either going to be eaten by me, 100% ALL GONE, or the trash was going to get it.  The poor family would have not seen a speck of it either way.  Nada!  Fineto!
I have got to lose this "God sends me treats" mentality.  He in NOT sending me food!  I have control over what goes in my mouth and God has WAY more important things to do than torture me with baked goods!  Maybe He is sending them to my children because their crazy mother is always throwing away their goodies?
Now about the "fun size" Snickers.  FUN??? Really???  I think the King Size is more my kind of fun.  Maybe they mean "Fun Size" in a joking, taunting way???
PS-  If you are a first time reader to my blog, I hope you are not shocked by my candor and rant about really inappropriate food and how CRAZY I am in general.  Please excuse the HORRIFIC grammar :(

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