Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why does Weight Watchers include PointsPlus values for fruits and vegetables in recipes?

It has always been the policy at Weight Watchers to incorporate the nutrients of vegetables (and now fruit) into recipes. Why? A few reasons…
1)     Vegetables and fruit add fiber and other nutrients, and without including them it can impact the PointsPlus value.
2)     Our recipes are often featured in articles and magazines nationally and as a result they need to disclose this info to ensure the appropriate calories and nutrient content are displayed if evaluated by organizations outside of Weight Watchers.
3)     Since many non-Weight Watchers recipes include nutritional information these days, they want their calculations to match those for recipes you find in other places. They don't want to unfairly advantage their own recipes.
4)     Once you start combining vegetables and fruits with other foods, you change the experience of eating them. Few people overindulge on carrots but might on muffins made with carrots. To ignore them in recipes would place Weight Watcher member at risk for abuse potential.

That being said, if you are making an all veggie & fruit salad or smoothie that you make often for zero PPV and want to easily be able to add it to your e-tools tracker, here's an idea that works.  Add all of the ingredients to a meal time that is empty on your e-tools tracker.  You will notice the "Save as a Meal" button right below the meal time.  Click this and PRESTO, you can name this smoothie or salad or whatever to easily pop into your tracker later.  Saved meals are listed on the bottom of your favorites.
As always, remember that if we overeat our 0 PPV Fruits and Veggies, we may not see the losses we are looking for.  If you fear that your "inner monkey" might be taking over, take a look at your fruit and veggie intake and make sure that it is between 5-8 servings a day.  Remember that a serving size is 1/2 C for all fruits and vegetables unless they are a leafy green.  Leafy green servings size is 1 C.

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