Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whole Wheat Bread PPV Update

I was right, I had miscalculated the PPV for my homemade bread by quite a bit :(  In many instances, I was off by twice the PPV :(  So, the lesson learned here is when calculating homemade bread, select the "Bread, whole-wheat" in e-tools.  Change the serving size to grams and weigh each piece of bread.  If I cut the bread with an electric knife as thin as I can, it borders on 2-3 PPV.  So for any of you homemade whole wheat bread makers, get an electric knife, e-tools and a digital scale OR just count 3 PPV for a thin slice and 4 or 5 for a thicker one.  Here is the "gram" breakdown for a few of the PPV's.  26-42 grams for 2 PPV. 43-59g for 3 PPV.  60-76g for 4 PPV.  I hope this helps.  I get the question a lot.  
*now the most accurate way to calculate your homemade bread is to actually put all of the info into the recipe builder on e-tools.  You would then need to know the exact weight of it all after it is baked, divide by the # of loaves, and then the number of slices per loaf.  The slices would need to be virtually identical.  I have chosen to go the aforementioned route because it is easier.  Now you could type the exact # of grams for the whole recipe into the "# of servings" box in the recipe builder and then you'd have the PPV per gram.  So, when you add it too the tracker, you'd put in the grams as how many servings.  That would work, but you'd have to weigh each batch after it is baked and adjust the amount of flour in the recipe each time.... lots of work.  I am just going to  go with the generic whole wheat bread in e-tools and move on with my life ;)  xo

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